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About Piano Reviewer

Piano Reviewer is the new name for The Honest Pianist, a highly popular and well respected online portal for all things piano. While the name suggests that we write piano reviews, and we do, we also provide an all-round approach to helping people learn the piano, with content around maintaining a piano, how to practice the piano and more.

Our goal: to provide our readers and users with honest, informative and helpful content to help them on their musical journey.

What We Provide

Impartial Product Reviews

You won't see many product reviews on this site. Why? Other sites review products they haven't tested. We don't. We only provide reviews of products we've tried and tested in person.

Regular High-Quality Articles

We produce content that helps and informs our users about the trials and tribulations of owning, learning and playing the piano. 

Expert Advice and Guidance

We are not internet marketers. We are pianists and musicians. As a result, we're highly qualified to pass on our advice and guidance; we live it every day!

Our Reviews Process

Step 1: Research.

First, we research which piano to review. We don't want to review what everyone else has reviewed. We see where our expertise and experience can add value to you, the pianist.

Step 2: Play!

We take our time to find the piano in question, and we go and play it. Often we'll go to a music store. If we can't find the piano available, we will often purchase it ourselves (with our own money) and sell it once we've completed the review.

Step 3: Review.

We play each instrument for as long as we can; sometimes up to 3 or 4 hours. Classical, Jazz, Pop, every genre we can think of. Then we go and write the review, so you can make an informed buying decision.

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I'm always interested to hear from my readers about how this site could be improved. Have an article request? Torn between two pianos and want me to review them? Don't like my logo and want to suggest a change? Let me know. I'd be really interested to hear your feedback.

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